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Started by Leftie on Nov 6, 2021 10:18:02 AM
2 of my colleagues are genuinely INSANE

At least two of them have been reading my problems among themselves and then the IT manager told my family what I'd done. One of them has apparently been logging in and sitting next to me reading my problems.

"Oh she has a dog/cat" and then when he logged out he went to a BAR with me and I put my pets in our company magazine and he was SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME going "oh she has a cat". He's genuinely nuts. And so is the other one. He's like a creature. He's seriously deranged. He sent the "she's got a cat" bloke a post about the London bombs for trying to put one of the teenage staff into a disciplinary. The IT manager is deranged as well. I have already told my manager I am waiting for a medical assessment and he DELIBERATELY told my family that I am waiting for this when I've already informed HR.

The advice was tell on IT and just run round the building and tell on everyone. They're all insane!

Leftie - 06 Nov 2021 10:24:15 (#1 of 10)

And he's also been telling other staff that I'm "on of these creatures". That is NOT WHAT i WAS DOING!

"Ugh it talks" and the staff who do the daily papers were bullying me going "oh have you had your lunch" because I didn't run round and tell everyone the team leader made us change desks. And I didn't tell HR at the engagement meeting that we are struggling because the scanning manager wouldn't allow me to talk to HR.

It's part of my job to run around every time - we are meant to just talk to everyone and say we are being bullied - and just tell the other team leaders I'm not well and will you help me. I'm SUPPOSED to tell them. I'm meant to change teams out of the way if we have people bullying us.

But these staff are seriously INSANE. One of them refused to tell on our team leader for making a member of staff conduct interviews. "Well what's she supposed to have done wrong".

And at least 2 of our staff have been literally stealing work from the rest of us so we'll be in a disciplinary. Not if I'd ran round and told everyone. It's seriously not fucking funny. I'm meant to tell everyone every time so these staff can be in trouble with HR. One of us just changed teams rather than tell HR. I should have told her to run around and tell on everyone. It's not funny AT all.

Leftie - 06 Nov 2021 10:25:35 (#2 of 10)

I'm supposed to just tell everyone I need a house and we are being bullied in here and can we move our team to another part of the building.

Leftie - 06 Nov 2021 10:33:41 (#3 of 10)

The IT manager is supposed to be a manager. He's not meant to be telling tales on us. He's supposed to just tell us to report any problems and tell us to complain about the staff who are bullying us.

And now I've lost my stuff in a FLOOD because I was ill due to the manager telling my family. I knew FINE well to tell everyone to tell HR on all the bullies in here and just buy a house. It's seriously not funny. You can probably tell staff in the pub/theatre and talk in the shops and we've ALL been talking in the building and in meetings when IT can hear us. I can probably tell people on the bus to HR meetings that I need a house and we are being bullied and what do we do about it.

One of our team leaders told me that we can't fix any of the IT problems we have eg showing every mistake in the work here and I believed that as well.

And now people are asking whey I've left and why I didn't just tell everyone on IT and run round the building and report everyone. I just panicked and left. I told one of the staff who do the foreign magazines to tell the new manager and blamed it on the scanning manager and ran away.

Leftie - 06 Nov 2021 11:08:24 (#4 of 10)

Sorry for the long rants but my other colleague is genuinely insane. She bullied one of the managers to his face "I'm not doing these, they take 20 minutes". And I've already reported our team leader to her AGAIN and she STILL WOULDN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

"X has shouted at Andy" and why has "X" walked out. "Ugh because of these" and so what if they've put people in a disciplinary. She's completely insane! I saw the other team leader and I'm supposed to tell her but it's unbelievable. How hard is it to report her?! Or just tell everyone. She doesn't even want rid of her for bullying us.

For example, I was told to lie on our updates, which I'm not prepared to do at all. I've already told her that she made me lie on the updates and she didn't do anything about it. She's completely mad. It's obviousl. There should be no difference telling her to the rest of us.

Leftie - 06 Nov 2021 11:25:58 (#5 of 10)

Oh and sorry to rant on again but my problems have been going around and "that's been dripping through on all of you" like a swarm in the corner of the office. He's supposed to be a manager, he's not meant to be telling tales to my family.. Just tell me to run around and tell on everyine. It's not fucking funny.

widenation - 06 Nov 2021 11:38:50 (#6 of 10)

Most of my office colleagues were insane. Get out of the office environment for good if possible - it's the best thing I ever did.

Leftie - 08 Nov 2021 13:24:02 (#7 of 10)

Nobody likes endless repeated posts like that but really, I just got annoyed.

It would help if I just got annoyed with everyone. Our fucking manager wouldn't shut her fucking face and we face so-called "Formal meetings" for mistakes. Not if I'd ran round the boards about it. You'd all tell me to tell her to shut her fucking face. She just kept talking and talking and it's not fucking funny. She kept talking, just so she could sit here and go "oh, you're only 94%", stupid cow.

Leftie - 08 Nov 2021 13:25:23 (#8 of 10)

I'm supposed to change teams out of the way of the people bullying us, including her but I'm going over there to argue with her when I get a bloody chance. I'm managed to spoil everything by not arguing.

You just get up and change teams out of her bloody way as well. She's seriously nasty.

Leftie - 08 Nov 2021 13:25:57 (#9 of 10)

I was going to tell one of our old team leaders in the pub what she had done but I couldn't talk in front of her husband about it. I'm not bloody laughing. None of us are.

phantlers - 08 Nov 2021 13:29:28 (#10 of 10)

At least you've got plenty of time to write such expressive posts here detailing your ordeal.

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